Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Rules

 image via Jacky's blog

We've still got one more day until we dive head first into Summer Vacation, but after reading this and this, I was inspired to come up with a few Summer Rules to keep our home running smoothly over the next few months. Our summer routine is pretty relaxed around here, but a little structure is good for everyone too, especially for a family with a work-at-home mom.

Our kids are getting older (now 7 and 10) and are becoming more independent and able to entertain themselves, but it can also be a bit too easy for them to just lay on the couch and watch Spongebob and eat popsicles all day.  

Here are a few rules that we've come up with - daily reading, at least one hour spent outside daily, screen time limits for tv and computer (this means mom and dad too), family walks or bike rides after dinner and mom gets one hour of time for work each day.

Do you have any "summer rules" for your family?

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  1. Um, I think we need to discuss this whole 'computer limits for Dad' thing.